Foreclosure Defense

Tax Resolution

We can assist you in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, Ohio Department of Taxation and most other state and local agencies. Dealing with tax debts can be complex. It is very important to get a handle on the problem early.

What kind of tax problem do you have?

Federal, State, and Local Tax Problems

Tax debt can be very tricky to deal with. Some taxes are dischargeable in bankruptcy but others are not. We will review your taxes to determine whether you can discharge taxes in bankruptcy or whether other options are more appropriate such as a payment plan or an offer-in-compromise.

Wage and Bank Garnishment

The IRS may garnish your wages, place a levy on your bank account or file a tax lien on all of your property. In order to avoid these serious consequences you need a plan to deal with the tax debt before the IRS gets this aggressive.

Payment Agreements

The IRS has guidelines as to what amount they will accept for installment agreements. A financial profile is taken from the taxpayer before we negotiate an affordable installment agreement.

Offers in Compromise

An Offer In Compromise allows a taxpayer that cannot pay his tax liabilities an opportunity to settle for less than he owes. OIC’s get assigned to a specific person, so you are able to work with the same person through the negotiations.

The IRS accepts only a small percentage of the Offers in Compromise it receives. Only taxpayers with a certain financial profile qualify for the program. If there are enough assets and income available to the taxpayer, he or she does not qualify for an OIC.

We can assist you in the analysis to determine whether you should file an OIC and to submit one that has a good chance of succeeding.

Payroll Taxes

Individuals can be held responsible for payroll taxes that were withheld from employees and not paid to IRS or which should have been withheld from employees and were not.

Responsible officers of a business are personally liable for these taxes if the failure to withhold or to pay over was “willful”. This usually means that the responsible person gave preference to other creditors of the business. Personal liability can sometimes be avoided by showing either that the debtor either was not a responsible officer or that the failure to collect or to pay over was not willful.

Attorney Fees

Once we have done a review of your case, we can give you options to deal with the problem and what the services will cost. If the fee is agreed upon verbally, we will send you an engagement letter which sets forth what services we will provide along with the fee.

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